Time is not measured by clocks, but by moments

Mountain biking

There’s a trail to suit all ages and abilities. Read More.  

Get to know your limits and make a breakthrough on the trail network. Read More.

Take the time to explore you surroundings.  There is always something new to see. Read more

Refresh yourself with a breakfast, lunch or tea, dining alfresco.

Its about taking a moment out in time and absorbing the chance to sit and contemplate life.  Here at the Clearwater Cafe, you can do just that.

Open 7 days a week, 8:00am  until 4:00pm, for a range of breakfasts (all day), lunches and sweet treats.  Our walls display beautiful local art for sale and our shop retails a selection of homemade bakes and preserves, crafts, curios and Clearwater merchandise.

Kids can feel at ease with exploring the open grounds and play area close to the cafe seating.  Books, colouring in equipment and some board games are always on the ready.

Clearwater Cabins are surprisingly comfortable.  Take away the stresses of today’s mod cons and enjoy the closeness of nature without the hassle of pitching a tent to create the exact same feeling.

Where can you go and sit around a campfire, marshmallows on the ready?  When was the last time that all you heard was the sound of the birds and frogs with a trickling stream in the distance?

Have you forgotten what is feels like to just sit and stare at the clouds go  by, or hear the rain falling softly on a tin roof?  How about counting the stars, just like when you were a kid.  Just for fun.

You can do all of that at Clearwater.



Walking in nature

Trail Running

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